Retail, sus desafíos

Recientemente publiqué un post con un video que me pareció que expresaba claramente la situación actual del retail y sus posibilidades. En este momento, quiero compartir este artículo que trata la misma temática pero desde el punto de vista de lo que deberían hacer los retailers.

“There is no doubt that the Internet is changing the retail experience, and with it how we shop. Beloved stores are feeling the pressure of the prices and convenience e-commerce retailers offer.

An ongoing study by IPG Media Lab reveals that shopper satisfaction at retail stores is declining up to 15% per year. Stores that used to define the diversity of shopping centers, from bookstores and clothing to consumer electronics and home goods, are closing. Small and large brands alike are searching for strategies to react to the change in customer expectation, where online retailers win on prices and convenience. For the first time in centuries, the role of the storefront is changing”.

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